Welcome. Glad you’re here.

Ah, you’re here!  Yes, you. Hi. I’ve been waiting for you.

Whatever brings you here, welcome.  Here’s where we get acquainted. Figure out what this rest stop is all about, right?

You’ve reached the site formerly known as Light for Creative Souls, now humble beginnings of Second Journey Scribe.

My name is Victoria Thomas Gaines. I’ll be your tour guide Second Journey Scribe and sister sojourner. We’ve come to an important juncture in time, so join me. Feel free to call me Vicki – all my bestest friends do.

Soon I’ll reveal details behind this wonderful site change and a myriad self-discoveries that led to Second Journey Scribe

My hope is that you’ll find yourself along the same road. If so, wonderful. If you’re not yet sure, come back for the backstory. We’ll find much in common, no matter our age or gender.

Now don’t wander too far. We’ll need our compass, a roap map, and all our campfire stories. Pretty soon we’ll share introductions, personal stories, and the height and breadth of all that led us here. . . in snippets, perhaps. We’re traveling one blog post at a time. There is never any pressure to share more than we’re comfortable with. I’ll always go first. I promise.

SJSjournal332x396May I ask – where are you on the map of life?

Has life taken you through an array of unexpected twists and turns? Not what you hoped or planned?  Several painful losses – disappointments – shattered dreams?

I know. Me, too. And I’m right beside you.

We all have our detour stories, events that led us to this somber place of reckoning. Some of it is hard stuff, almost unspeakable.  

The Second Journey is a beautiful place, though. Not easier, but more authentic than earlier living.

Look around. You might even notice a few masks laying by the roadside. We don’t need ’em anymore. Not here. They serve no purpose but to keep us in hiding.

Most likely we’ve tripped over our own baggage for years. We’ll talk about that, too.

Before entering The Second Journey, maybe we lost traction, even some faith, and fell face-forward into piles of disillusionment. We lost, well, pretty much everything – our hopes, our dreams, even our loved ones. Just because no one heard the glass break doesn’t mean our life wasn’t shattered. 

The paradox? While we were yet losing, we were gaining.

While others went site-seeing, we started to SEE. We glimpsed what truly matters, thankful again for daily graces. Now we decide what to pack (or unpack) the rest of the trip. We’re coming around the bend.

To that end:

• We accept the detours that led us to this place.

• We rest in the vast mystery of God’s eternal grace.

• We declare ourselves homeward-bound and free to be ourselves.

We also embrace the beauty of our personal scars. We aren’t afraid (not too much) to show them to our fellow/sister travelers. Sharing our scars will help us heal.

Last but not least, we embrace each other, knowing we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and having done so we look forward to that fine day when we’ll rise up together and sing:

“Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.”


© Victoria Thomas Gaines, 2013.


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