Duke it Out with the Keyboard

“The only true obstacle to writing creatively is a lack of faith that appears as fear and self-judgment.” ~ Bonni Goldberg

 Writing affects me profoundly, yet I’ve squandered a month of Sundays in silence. The silence proved fruitful. If you ever feel like circumstances conspire against the very thing you need to do, hang in there. The crazy urge comes back. Eventually you’re writing (painting, journaling, creating) again. If not, and you seem stuck, here’s something I’m learning:

Writing is an aggressive act.  

This thought haunts me. To move out of passivity, I finally rolled up my sleeves and duked it out with the keyboard. No matter how it felt, I’d just tap, tap, tap.  Put one word in front of the other. So here I sit, tap, tap, tap. Okay, so today’s been much more pause than tap, but a short post is better than none.

I struggle just like you. Yet we build momentum, one word at a time. As Goldberg’s quote suggests, I’ve let the obstacles of fear and self-judgment keep me in pause mode. More about that later.  Help me come out of pause mode. Tell me:

How do you move out of passivity?